Merry Christmas! Each of the 3 trees in the animation above is inspired by a visual identity created by Nick Watts Design in 2018:
Multiply was an interactive maze-like Installation installed outside the V&A museum during London Design Festival . It was created to demonstrate the potential of Cross Laminated Timber in modular architecture. 
We were commissioned to create a brand identity and apply it to Supergraphics on the installation. We also created a set of 8 graphic animations as part of a twitter & Instagram campaign telling the timber, carbon and life-cycle stories associated with the project 

The Future of Knowledge event was a series of talks hosted by The Knowledge Quarter celebrating knowledge in all its forms in response to the spread of online disinformation and ‘fake news’. 
We were commissioned to create a brand identity for the event which we applied to event signage, website, tote bags, etc.

2018 was the 20th anniversary of the AV Awards, celebrating excellence and innovation in the Audio Visual technology industry. 
We were commissioned to create a flexible identity system that would accommodate a change of theme each year, and create the graphics for the first theme, which were based around ‘Gizmo’ a circus ringmaster character illustration that we commissioned for their SteamPunk theme 

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