We were invited by our friends at Character communications to develop a visual identity for BMRC, an organisation that communicates the achievements of Sustainable Forestry Systems in tropical nations.
After presenting a number of routes, we settled  on an identity focused on empowerment and positivity, with logo and supporting graphics inspired by the initial core strap line ‘ the voice of timber’
For hero elements, we created image treatments that combined real photography of Timber suppliers at work in the six developing nations involved in the project, with colourful overlays and bold, impactful typography
Central to the identity was the development of a brand new website for the project. We carried out a ‘discovery’ research phase and provide UX and content recommendations. Website layout and graphics included bespoke animated carousels and a timeline feature. The next iteration of the site is to feature an interactive ‘members map’ showcasing relevant data from member countries. 
View the site at forestgovernance.org
Another key element of the project was the development of a series of ‘explainer’ infographics to present the more technical information relating to the project in an accessible, impactful and consistent way
The printed element of this project , a 24 page brochure, had to be as sustainable as possible. Papers were 100% recycled throughout, and for covers we selected 100% recycled Eco Kraft board from which the logo was die cut to reveal a bright Pantone green. The spine was thread sewn in yellow thread
The identity was also applied to social media pages & post templates, PDF publications, and presentations
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